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September 10, 2008


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I am the founder of the Caring Is Contagious® campaign where my goal is to spread and encourage positive acts of caring. I promote this by distributing, FREE , little yellow “Caring Cards” . These cards, now translated into 4 languages help serve as a CARING reminder to those who find them,receive them or give them away.
Through positive thoughts and encouragement I’ve watched my campaign grow and have traced my cards through 49 states and into 5 continents. Please
join me in my Caring Is Contagious quest to awaken the world ……One person at a time. We can and do make a difference! Katherine



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Hi this is very much useful to start ur day. It is just like sweets.


This is very very simple and easy to do. Its like an outline of what i do daily.

Carol King

Great post, very helpful. I love these tips. You may be interested in the Positive Thinking 30-Day Challenge I am organizing to begin on November 1st; you can get all the details on my blog. I hope you join us, have a great day.


All very excellent ideas...and they work :)


It is good to see your list of positive ideals, I have only in the last two years changed my life looking at the positive things around me and my life is very positive each day, it is alot easer to get things done.


This is really short and impressive inspiring words.
Apart from above tips, i would like to add few more.

-Don't Take Things Too Seriously
-Manage time Wisely

Thank you.

John Daniel

In addition to the positive thoughts, I have often thought of a positive message radio or Inspiration Radio. You cannot have inspiration without positive thoughts. You can do music Radio- Music - contemporary (Britney Spears has a couple of really inspirational songs which surprised the heck out of me); the list is endless and long with music going only back to the 60's. Even some Rap is inspirational to the good side. It could have a religious, puritanic side but this might limit the audience. All advertising would necessarily be positve, enabling and inspirational. I am saying positive, inspirational, and encouraging messages would be on both spoken and the song parts of the programming. That includes the news. You can do Positive and good happenings on news.

Loved your site by the way and forwarded it to a number of other people.


As you say each affirmation out loud, picture yourself living those statements and feel the feelings of having the results. For example, how does it feel to have plenty of money to pay your bills and have some left over? Pretty good I bet.

table manners and etiquettes

Positive thinking is the only way using which one can enhance his/her skills as well as can improve the achievements of goals too...the post here is very effective and the points listed here are to good to learn..

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