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September 10, 2008


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You're right on target. Affirmations that focus on self esteem and self confidence will blow doubt out of the water! Well, out of your mind anyways. :) I've been using affirmations for a couple of years and I can attest to their effectiveness. They work! Combine them with brainwave entrainment and you have a winning solution to a tough problem.

Kirsten Harrell, Psy.D.

Hi Paul,
I always love hearing personal stories about how affirmations work for people! I am sure that the combo of affirmations and brain entrainment is powerful! I think there are so many awesome tools we can use to create greater health, happiness, and success. When we find combinations that work, even better!

Thanks for sharing!



I agree also... I think affirmations as well as brainwave entrainment can be very powerful. I find that even more than affirmations though it is important to be aware of your thought patterns. By being completely aware of every thought you are thinking (affirmations definintely help with this) you can actually change your thinking habits which I find in turn increases your self-confidence.

binaural beats

I have had some success in replacing the old self-talk with the use of binaural beats. I find they help me to tap into my subconscious and make my affirmations even more powerful and effective.


Great Article! It shows that the deepest wisdom comes from personal experience, and I want to say thank you for sharing your wisdom!

As you can imagine, I place a high priority on a high sense of self-esteem too (obviously, since I run a website on that topic). Your article has added another rich perspective to how I look at self-esteem. Thanks again!
Self Esteem Affirmations

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